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Head & Neck HDR Applicators – Highlights Brochure & Fact Sheet

Tongue and Mouth Applicator Set

The Tongue and Mouth Applicator Set is used for the brachytherapy of the tongue and floor of the mouth. The 16G plastic needles are designed to be easily inserted with an obturator ensuring an accurate implant of the target volume. The fixation caps are tolerable for the patient during treatment by covering the needle tips.
For additional information, please see:
Catalog HDR Applicators + Accessories - Tongue & Mouth Applicator Set (EN)

Nasopharynx Applicator Set

The Nasopharynx Applicator (Rotterdam Type) is designed for intracavitary HDR brachytherapy treatment of nasopharyngeal tumors. It is made of flexible silicone that adapts to the individual nasopharyngeal cavity. The Nasopharynx Applicator is delivered sterile and for single use only. While the flexible catheters are removed, the applicator remains in place for multiple fractions and keeps its fixed position, thus allowing precise and reproducible dose distribution for every single fraction.
For additional information, please see:
Catalog HDR Applicators + Accessories - Nasopharynx Applicator Set (EN)

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