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Esophagus & Bronchus HDR Applicators – Highlights Brochure & Fact Sheet

Esophagus Applicator Set

The Esophagus Applicator Set has been designed for HDR brachytherapy treatment of the esophagus. The different diameters of the bougie ensure an appropriate radial distance by keeping the esophagus mucosa away from areas of high dose-gradient. With a 2 mm universal applicator inside the bougie, the source can be placed in a centered radial position relative to the treated tissue. The universal applicator is fixed to the bougie with special adapters. The bougie can be inserted either under fluoroscopy or by using the guidewires for Seldinger technique under endoscopic examination. 
For additional information, please see:
Catalog HDR Applicators + Accessories - Esophagus Applicator Set (EN)

Bronchus Intraluminal Set

The Bronchus Intraluminal Set has been designed for HDR intraluminal brachytherapy treatments, especially for endobronchial brachytherapy. The small diameter allows easy insertion of the Universal Applicator into a smaller lumen. Since the single use Universal Applicators are provided sterile, they allow immediate clinical use.
For additional information, please see:
Catalog HDR Applicators + Accessories - Bronchus Intraluminal Set (EN)

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