BEBIG Medical Releases the Preview of LINAC SagiStar at ESTRO 2024

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May 4th, 2024, Glasgow, UK
BEBIG Medical has released the preview of SagiStar*, the new LINAC product at 2024 Annual Congress of European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO 2024).


SagiStar, the newly introduced LIANC is equipped with reliable and robust hardware to help increase the efficiency and effectivess of radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Its innovative software and treatment planning system which is powered by RaySearch, a world leader in the field of treatment planning system for radiation therapy, delivers unique features for an unmatched user experience and leading functionalities.



  “We are very excited to unveil the preview of the SagiStar, our LINAC solution. It is designed to deliver efficient, effective and affordable radiation thearpy solutions for cancer treamtent,” said Mr.George Chan, Chairman and CEO of BEBIG Medical. “Most importantly, this is a true testimony of affordable healthcare with UniteRT since we collobrated with RaySearch from 2018 and joined UniteRT last year. We are confident that this will bring a significant change in the radiation therapy industry.”

About BEBIG Medical

BEBIG Medical GmbH is a global provider of radiation therapy products dedicated to cancer treatment with 40 years’ experience in the field and a track record of proven clinical outcomes through robust and innovative technology. Specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of radiation therapy medical devices, BEBIG Medical provides comprehensive product portfolio with linear accelerator, high-dose-rate brachytherapy, X-ray therapy products, and intraoperative radiation therapy devices. BEBIG Medical boasts a substantial presence with over 700 active installation bases across more than 80 countries and regions, facilitated by a network of over 70 global distributors. With strategically positioned offices and a team of seasoned professionals in Europe, United States, and Asia, the company aims to deliver affordable healthcare solutions to everyone in the world. More information, please visit

*Note: SagiStar is not yet avialable in all markets due to regulatory approval. Please reach our local presentative for more information.

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