Services & Support

Application – Complete System Training and Full Clinical Support

Our team of qualified and experienced application specialists

  provides training on our treatment planning systems – in-house and on-site

  shows you how to use the entire range of HDR brachytherapy applicators

  provides updates and upgrades to keep your system up-to-date at all times

  is available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Support – Individual Service Plans and Streamlined Logistics

Our highly motivated and proficient back office team

  customizes service and support plans to your individual needs

  supplies you with required equipment and spare parts in short order, due to smart stock management

  arranges on-time delivery of the sources in line with local regulations for radiation safety

Service – Pre-installation Consulting, Preventive Maintenance, and Immediate Technical Assistance

Our dedicated team of expert service engineers

  helps you to plan the necessary steps in the course of preparing the site before the installation of our HDR afterloader system, in particular calculating the room shielding requirements

  carries out the installation of the device at the hospital, including all accessories as well as the introduction to the use of the system

  performs maintenances once a year to uphold functionality on a sustained basis

  services your system in case of a repair request worldwide

  updates your SagiPlan® software to keep up with the evolving technology and to maintain the highest level of performance

  offers you technical training and refresher courses

Instructions for Use can be downloaded here: , please request access

Please feel free to contact us via if you need technical or application support.
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