RadControl - II
The T-105 is designed for superficial X-ray therapy in a range of 10 to 100 kV, and consists of a mobile cart with mounted stand and tube head. A separate desk and a touchscreen PC allow operation from a shielded panel. The T-300, T-200, and T-160 series of devices can be used in superficial, intermediate and deep radiation therapy, in the voltage range of 15 to 300 kV, depending on the system, and thus meet the latest clinical requirements. The high voltage and tube current parameter sets can be combined with a choice of seven filters for a total of 20 different beam qualities, covering the essential clinical requirements.
The T-300, T-200, and T-160 therapy units are controlled by the RadControl-II Patient Verification System, which was developed specifically for this device family, and is part of all devices in the series. RadControl-II is an option for the T-105. The intuitive user interface of the patient verification system allows simple and rapid access to all patient and radiation data. The data for each field irradiated are permanently and clearly archived.
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